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My 5 O`clock trip was on time instead of the 7:30 late start I had on Sunday. And this time it didn`t seem to matter, I was the first boat out and was 3/5 after the first 2 hours :?
I set up a mile South of the line in 50` and trolled Southeast. The water temp was 50° down 30`. We had a few pokes and three went as we passed the century mark to which we only landed one. In the 85`-100` range the water was now in the low to mid 40`s at the same 30` depth. I had a few dodger/flie bites with chrome/ white down 27` and white/ green down 34`. The #1 wire dipseys took a few fish and quick whacks as well down 90` and 110`. The `riggers with an array of spoons from Green Dolphins, Smurfs, Hot Lobsters, Hey baby, and Carmel Dolphin all saw some action. The lead had a regular size Smurf that was good for a few fish too. There was a real strong current from West to East and I basically did a North South troll from the line to 42° 28` N. zig zagging between 85`-110`. All the baits were in the top 50` with most of the hits coming no deeper that 35` down.
I had a father and son in from Massachusetts and we ended up taking their limit and mine going 15/ 23 .
We had a few more "Hit and Runs" where the dipsey would get ripped or the `rigger would pop with no one home that we didn`t count.

All in all it was a great day to be out and I`m hoping this strong blow doesn`t ruin the good run we`ve been having. I`m doubled up for the next 4 days and hope to get them in. Judging by the predicted North winds to 30 Kts. I wouldn`t call Vegas and put any money on it, but I`ll remain hopeful at this point in time.

Good Luck to all you guys and gals this weekend :wink:

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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