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Fished the line on Tuesday setting up in 60` taking it over the hill. I made it out to 90` without a hit thinking I may have over shot them. Then we had a triple and it was game on! For the next hour or so we always either had a fish on, or I was resetting a line. It was the same as the days prior, perhaps the full moon and clear skies had something to do with this. I basically did an East/West troll from 90`-120` and as the morning progressed took it deeper from 120`-140`. Initially the `riggers were the ticket, then the #3 super line dipseys 140`-160` back with white/green, and smoke/Lil` boy blue saw action. The water temp was 71° at the surface and despite being 64° 45` down a yellow/green dodger flie took plenty of hits. The fish were coming in warm. My deepest `rigger was 61` down and the Smurf, Black Fin Tuna did their share of damage as well. Once again there was a strong current coming in and you had to watch your speed. On one troll back to the West we had a Chinook hit a dipsey and make a long run as I was about to turn back out. Keeping the boat straight brought me all the way into the 60` depths where the lone Brown took a Smurf down 45`. The fish is going on a wall so to avoid damage it was held up.

We ended up taking their 5 man limit with a mixed bag of mostly kings, with a few coho, a `bo and the brown. Some boats did a North/ South along the hill and caught fish as well, find out what works for you and take it from there.

For whatever reason the 4 yr. old 17#-19# Chinook that we saw earlier in the season, are now coming in between 12#-16#. There are plenty of them, and they fight just as hard.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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