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It appears the transition is over and hopefully it`ll stay as good as it is right now for the rest of the season. The fish are anywhere from 40`-150`(and perhaps deeper) depending on wind direction, which is responsible for the water temps.
On Friday morning I had a family consisting of a few generations out bonding, I`m sure stories will come up in their later years. The kids were great and brought in their share of BIG fish. We had a mixed bag needing only a brown for the grand slam. We poked around the 70`-110` range a mile South of the harbor and the dodger/ flies saw most of the action. Lil` boy blue/smoke, with/green, and chrome / white were the best for the coho on the `riggers down 47`-63`. The #1 wire dipseys 150` and 180` out took the Kings. We lost a few big fish along the way bringing in 16 1/2 or 17 depending on how you view a "Dink" that would have ended up as food for a gull had we thrown him back.

On Saturday morning we went to the same general area and it was basically the same as it was the morning prior, we even had another "Dink" that took a magnum Silver Streak "Smurf" spoon that would have probably choked him had it been an alewife. The only difference was a yellow dodger ahead of a green flie saw the bulk of the action. The speed seemed a little fast with 2.3 at the ball producing the best. It was again a dodger/flie over a spoon presentation that worked best for me. We managed tom land 5 mid teen Kings with another mixed bag of some chunky coho and Bo`s as well.

For the Afternoon having a late start and hearing of a slow-go in Illinois I took it North. We had a good slide out all the way to the wreck from 90` taking 7 fish. I turned back and we only had a few rods go with no more weight in the cooler. Dan Keating called me and told me it turned on in 70`-90` a couple of miles North. I brought it in as best I could with a strong wind and current from the South. I had it pointed due West and I couldn`t reset my boom `rigger without it tangling in my Dipsey. Once in I learned the bite was best on a Southern troll going right into it. I zigzagged my way North with a few hits and tangles. The coho, as in the trips prior, were hitting and coming off after a few turns of the handle. Once I made it to 42° 34` I turned and it was real good fishing,`riggers down 42`-65` again with dodger flies were best and the Kings liked the lead with a stinger green dolphin and Kevorkian. We managed to bring in another mixed bag of 14 loosing another 10 or so.

On Sunday morning and I couldn`t get any real program to work. Everyone staying shallow (40`-90`) was saying the same thing so I took it out to 150` to see what I could conger up. We managed a few pokes on the way out most of which were steelies that jumped all over and managed to throw the hook on more than one occasion. I brought it back in and at the end of the trip as I reached 100` the inside bite turned on, all the way to 65`. The best rod was a white on white down 42` 5` off the ball, the coho loved it. I had my hand on the rod as I was pulling lines and decided to leave it for last to which it took another fish a minute later. We landed 14 loosing again over 10 more.

For the Afternoon, after my morning finish, I set up right on the line in 50`and we had a steady poke all the way out to 135` landing 5 and even a tripe. I brought it back in and made another pass with some hits and losses along the way. Another Charter was working North / South and said he had decent action as well. I leveled out in 60` while he worked the 70`s. The bite was good with some decent Kings being caught. I turned at 42° 27` and took it to 80` where we had a few big fish go landing a pair of mid teen Kings. We again lost a good number of fish and after tossing the blame between my gear and their fish catching abilities, we came in with a mixed bag of 20 fish. It was a great time again with ages of those onboard spanning over 50 yrs.

On Monday morning I ran the same spread as the day prior taking out a family whom for most of which it was their first time. The mom did great, having the luck of taking most of her fish on a full core of lead to which a Stinger Green Dolphin was in tow. We lost a few big fish on the rig at the leader, that hurts after bringing it in 300` and loosing it in the last 20`. Another mixed bag needing only a brown to complete the cycle. I stayed between 70` and 90` from the line to a mile South. We ended up with their 4 man limit going into mine, 21 for 30 plus hits.

For the afternoon I took out a pair of Newlyweds with the brides parents whom were in from Russia. I set up on the line in 50` and we had 5 in the box as we neared the 110` mark. I continued East taking fish all the way out to 130`. This trip was a spoon bite with the Silver Streak "Hot Lobster","Green Dolphin", and "Smurf" taking their toll on the fish population. I turned it Southwest and continued to take fish when I saw the predicted cold front coming from the North. The forecast wind of up to 25 mph when we left the harbor was now up to 60 mph. Initially it was a comforting breeze that hit us and then 10 minutes later we had the full force of the front. I pulled all the lines in and poised the boat directly into it. After about 15 minutes of the wind which now included rain, passed and the sun was out. I was then informed they already had more fish then they knew what to do with and were content. The ride in was a little rough with the waves coming in on my side and I could tell through hand gestures the parents were having a great time as if they were on a roller coaster. After the pic was taken it appeared the highlight wasn`t the fishing ,but being out on the open water with the front coming thru. We ended up with a dozen after about 2 hours of actual fishing.

On Tuesday morning I set up in 70` right on the line and didn`t see any action until I passed 100`, and then we had some serious fish on. The 4 yr. olds were out there and in great numbers. My best rod was the lead to which we had 2 on at once and lost them to break offs as they were running forever without tiring in the cold water. I lost another lead the same way as a 4 yr. old taking a lil` boy blue/ smoke dodger off a 31` `rigger ran out well over 100` and then off to the side tangling and then cutting it off. I was down to my last lead and the Stinger Green Dolphin running 100 yards back took 5 more mid teen Kings. I put the same spoons on my `riggers with no action at all. We ended up coming in with 10 fish of which 8 were over 13 pounds, loosing another 7 or so to break offs. One broke a split ring, and one we landed opened the swivel with the spoon just hanging on by the clasp. The Kings were out deeper as the boats fishing in the 70`-90` range were seeing a mixed bag and had very few fish hit the lead, and 4 yr. olds.

This is another quick report as this is my only day off until next Tuesday so I don`t have time to go into great detail. The fish are basically in the top 60` of water out to 150` and are staying in the cooler water. Watch the winds and that`ll determine whether they are in close or out deep. West winds will draw them closer to shore. These winds have also brought about some strong currents so watch your speed. My spread didn`t work for other Charters I spoke with and vice versa, and nothing was consistent for the 5 days I fished. One day it was a spoon bite and the next it was Dodger/ flie. The only thing that was common amongst all the charters I spoke with was fish getting off, we all had plenty.
Start with what you have confidence in and go from there. I had a few baits out that took hits right away and were dead after that, don`t be afraid to change. The fish are around and many of them are big Kings so check your gear.

Good Luck, and good Fishing!

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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