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North Point 8/12-8/13

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On Saturday Morning I started a couple miles South at 42* 27` to have more room to operate with the wave conditions. I set up in 60` and had our first rod go at 90`. The first hour in the twilight was tough, trying to watch the incoming waves, hold course and keep the lines directly behind the boat was tedious . We took hits and landed a few Kings that were very warm to the touch. The winds had the water column changing and I noted on my Depth Raider that I was going thru pockets of cold and warm water. I had it down 40` and at times, the temp varied from 47* - 62* in less than minute. I found a good line that I could control the speed and also keep the boat as stable as possible (I had some youngsters on board). Once we were able to hold course, we started having consistent action from 90` - 120`. Speed was Northeast at 2.3 kts. and Southwest at 2.0 kts. (Surface Over Ground as per GPS). The hits came more often than not in quick succession. I think the fish were hanging around in the cooler pockets, and when you went over them they were active. The `riggers were down 40` -60`. They had the Silver Streak Magnum Green Dolphin, Stinger Kevorkian, and Smurf on for most of the morning. The dipseys back 180` and 160` on a #2 wire took only a couple of hits with a Green flie behind a white Hot Spot flasher. The lead core had the Stinger Kevorkian and Natural born Killer bringing fish to the boat as well. We came in early with the Lake Michigan flu taking it`s toll :roll: ,(the kids were alright, reminds me an old Who song) and ended up 14 for 20 something, with 13 kings, a few dinks that took the lead, and a Bo.

For the afternoon I went to the same spot and found one cooperative fish in what appeared to be a completely different Lake than I was on in the morning :x . I went over the lines I did earlier, marking nothing and finding most of the water to be warmer than I had hoped. I brought it North towards the line thru the 90`s and finally started marking and taking fish at 42* 28`. I pointed Northeast and then the fun began :wink: . At first we had the lead going with everything else just along for the ride. Then the `riggers came to life, and after mentioning how you can go thru spells where one presentation will outperform the next, the dipseys took a few wacks. The best looking fish of the day, this 16# brown took a Green fly behind a white Hot Spot 180` back on a # 2 wire dipsey.

I switched baits earlier in the trip that were just getting washed, and when I started changing back to the same morning presentation, everything started working once again. The only difference being that the Silver Streak Magnum Green Dolphin was replaced with a Pro King "Kenosha Killer". We ended up with 10 Kings, 2 coho, the brown, and a Bo. Needing just a Laker for the "Grand Slam" Never thought I`d pray for a Laker :mrgreen: .

On Sunday morning I took it just North of the line to avoid all the traffic in Illinois. I started setting up in 60`and wanted to have all the lines in by the time I reached 90`, as the drop off is pretty quick. When we hit 80`, my favorite from last year, the Lighted "Superman" J-Plug was ripped off the release. While he was tearing line a second and third went. We managed to land the smaller of the 2 , taking a Glow Orange Easter egg. I pulled the other 2 lines to avoid a tangle, the fish was on the only line in the water. I wanted to put them back out, but the fish seemed to want the J-Plug more than I did. He was everywhere behind the boat. Roughly 25 minutes later after popping the boat in and out of gear we landed a 17# king that fought like a fish twice his size . By now most of the captains I spoke with had 5 - 8 in the box :? . I missed the feeding frenzy by not having any lines in the water while we were fighting Kujo. I finally had the lines in as we reached 140` with no more action. The sun was bright and most of the boats were heading out to the deeper water, I decided to go back in. I started taking fish again in 90`, on a Southwest troll. I did the same routine going back and forth on reciprocal courses between 70` and 120`. The baits depths, presentations and speeds were the same as the day prior. We ended up 12 for 20 something with 10 kings, a Laker and a Bo.

For the afternoon, despite most boats heading out to the depths in search of Bo`s, I took it right back to 42* 28`and set up in 90`, and pointed in Northeast. As soon as we hit 110` we had action and it continued all the way out to 165` as I neared the state line. The baits were the same as I ran in the morning but the depths changed, the riggers were down 79`-90` and the dipseys were out 225` on a # 2 wire consisted of he Mountain Dew Spin Dr. ahead of a green flie, and green behind a white Hot Spot. The speed was a little faster at 2.4 kts heading out and 2.7 heading back in. We had action for the entire trip and more than a few times we had doubles and triples, loosing a few big fish to break offs as the lines crossed each other. The guys wanted a pic of a some of the bigger fish:

We ended up 20 for who knows what with 16 kings, 2 Lakers, a Brown and Bo. Needing only a coho for the grand slam. I`ve only caught 3 browns all year and had 2 in as many days. I feel it may be due to the warm pockets mixed in with the cooler water.

I hope this weather pattern remains constant as the action was good to say the least.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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wow! sweet fish! thanks for the report Capt. Jim.
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