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On Wednesday morning watching my graph I set up in 60`just South of the line. The bait was solid along the bottom and there were marks just above it. We had decent action as soon as I had all the rods in. The problem was the temperament and strength of the Kings. We had one on for over 20 minutes and couldn`t gain any ground. After most of the other rods had been popped by fish, to which a few found the cooler, I pulled what was left and put the boat in neutral,. We were finally gaining ground and life seemed good , unfortunately the line reached it`s limit with the fish about 50` back. My Silver Streak magnum Green Dolphin now has a new home . I trolled between 60` and 100` within a mile and a half of the line. The speed was 2.0 to 2.2 kts. on the GPS. I had the `riggers down in the bottom 30` of the water column. The lead never took a hit, and the # 2 wire dipseys back 120` and 150` saw very light duty. The `riggers with smoke/lil` boy blue, and a mystery / white took a few hits. I put the copper out (chrome dodger ahead of a green flie) later in the morning when I was in the 90`-100` range and it finally took a few hits during the last 1/2 hour of the trip. On it`s last hit it tore drag for a few seconds and that was it, I offered to bring it in as I was about to start pulling lines. After about 10 turns of the handle it was hit again, I handed it back over, and this time the fish stayed on, a 6 pound brown. The fisherman was once again out done by the fisherwoman who had just landed her 10 pound brown minutes earlier.

We managed to get their 2 I mean person limit consisting of 8 Kings, and the for my first time during one trip 2 browns. We probably lost as many as we caught.

For the afternoon went right back to 80` and trolled out towards 100` where I took the two browns. Our first hit came on the copper and it came hard. Hard enough to break it off at the backing . I kept it pointed East and we didn`t have any more action until I reached 140`. There the `riggers down 60`-80` came to life, a chrome/ green flie on a 60 footer 20` behind the ball, the Magnum Green dolphin, and Stinger Kevorkian were down 75` and 80` respectively. The wind was picking up and I pointed it Southeast to try to find a more comfortable troll, that`s when things really picked up . Doubles and triples were more of the norm than not , I don`t think we went more than 5 minutes without a fish on. As I had rods all over the place and was trying to get them back in the water one of the guys asked if "I was setting out this line" he was thinking it was a lead core that I was allowing to drift back as I was setting the others. Actually it was a rod on a `rigger that had a "Smurf" down 60` it being ripped away. I only had 3 other lines in at the time and we were getting close to the knot. I was tired of tightening the drag and hoping for the best so I turned the boat and ran towards the fish. As it got close we saw it was a decent fish and as it turned out he was hooked just ahead of the tail. This explained a lot, we were able to net the biggest fish of the trip, despite bringing him in backwards, which was a King just under 18 pounds. We only needed a few more fish and it didn`t take long. Coming in early with our 4 man limit consisting of a mixed bag of Kings, Lakers, and a coho that tipped the scale just over 10 pounds. Speed was 2.5 kts., and I stayed between the line and 42* 28` from 140` to 170`. Magnum spoons seemed to be preferred with the Smurf, Green and Blue Dolphins. The exception was the Stinger Kevorkian that took quite a few hits as well. We ended 20 for somewhere between 35 and 40, it was nuts .

On Thursday morning I set up again in 60` right on the line, we had a very good pre dawn action, getting them to stay on was another story. The baits were again down near the bottom, and dipseys back 120`-150`.The Lighted Superman J-Plug was the first one to help a fish find it`s way to the cooler. We had two and three fish on multiple times, but for whatever reason most of them got off. Then we had another one that didn`t want to come in. After 20 minutes and not gaining, and remembering that every time I tightened the drag and hoped for the best, we ended up breaking off, I pulled the remaining lines and turned on the fish. Once again we came out ahead boxing another 17# king. I can`t believe how strong these mid to upper teen kings are . That was it for our morning bite as the sun was getting higher in the morning sky. I started changing from the lighted J-Plug, glow flies and spoons to the same spread I ran the afternoon prior. I went to deeper water, between 100`and 115`both my #2 wire dipseys back 150` and 180`, took 5 hits between them, with only one finding it`s way to the cooler. I leveled off at 120`and they were the studs offering a few more hits and this time fish, bringing us in one over their 3 man limit of mostly Kings, a Bo, Coho, and Laker. I guess I took one too many browns the morning prior, keeping us from getting the "Grand Slam" . Looking back at it we probably lost as many as we caught. It was one of my heaviest boards in a while, with 7 of the 13 Kings weighing in between 15 and 18 pounds. And yes, the kids in the pic all caught their share of BIG Fish.

Hopefully the winds won`t blow as strong as their predicting, and if they do I, keep your fingers crossed that the action stays as good as is it is right now.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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