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The weather has givin` me a break and an opportunity to write a report. My last trip out was Friday afternoon where we set up in 70` on the line and took it North. It wasn`t long and we had 3 rods go, green behind white down 40`, a #2 wire dipsey smoke Lil` boy blue out 150`, and a magnum Silver Streak green dolphin out on a full core. We had action for about 3 miles and it slowed, I turned and as the other charters mentioned, the Southern troll had a really tough bite. It seemed you had to go right into the wind and rollers which at times were nearing the 6` mark. It wasn`t rough with a fair amount of time between the waves, and the ride actually rocked the youngest on board to sleep. I decided to try an East / West run which did make the ride a little tougher with the waves coming in on the side but as we reached the 110`-120` depths the fish were once again active. Despite the water temp being 60° 40` down my best `riggers were down 40` and 45` and the lead took a number of hits as well. I had most of my marks coming 60`-90` down, dropped the `riggers but only had a slight return for my investment. Once again there was a strong current and direction was critical. I didn`t have any particular stud rod, but other than the ones mentioned, the Silver Streak Smurf, Black Fin Tuna, Hot Lobster, and Carmel Dolphin all saw action. It seemed the spoon bite was a bit better for me. We had a very good percentage going, and ended up 15 for 22 or so with 2 dinks that were hooked to badly to release. The biggest King was 16#`s and actually had a belly full of bait, something I haven`t seen too much of lately.

This weather may be something we need to get the scattered fish back together, it`s nearing the end of the month and hopefully the hungry 4 yr. olds will start showing up in force.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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