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North Point 8/18-8/19

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On Friday morning we left the harbor just after 5 and set up South of the pack at 42* 27` in 70`. The Lighted J plug was again a good producer along with the Fishlander orange Easter Egg glow, and glow flies behind hot spot flashers. The `riggers were down between 38` (where the temp was 67*) and 60`. Dipseys on a # 2 setting were back 150` and 180`. We trolled North and South between 70` and 90` with very steady action. I finally had a good early morning putting 12 Kings in the cooler by 7:45 :D , at this point the bite seemed to die off.
I pointed it towards the sun at 42*28`and switched over from my glow presentation. My `riggers were now down between 55` and 90`, wire dipseys out 180` and 200`. White Hot Spot`s with green flies, and regular size spoons seemed to work best. The Silver Streak Green Dolphin, Hot Lobster, and Black Fin Tuna were on the `riggers along with a Smoke/ Lil` Boy blue dodger fly combo. The Stinger Kevorkian, and Caramel Dolphin (aka Sister Sludge) were on the lead. They all held their own and I only tried a few others, later changing back.
We took a few pokes between 100` and 115`, taking in a few 2 and 3 yr. old kings. I had my Depth Raider at 55`and as we reached 140` found cooler pockets of water that were holding active fish. The temps would vary between 60* and 51*, and as the temps dropped, the action picked up. I took it out to 180` and turned back finding hungry Bo`s in the deeper water. We took an additional 17 fish, consisting of Kings (some 4 yr. olds) Bo`s, and a Laker. Loosing the last one to fill our 6 man limit that hit the lead while it was being brought in.

For the Afternoon I had a daughter taking her Dad out to celebrate his 50th Birthday :bday: . I started just North of the line and set up in 80`. We didn`t have any strikes until we hit the 130`s. It wasn`t as steady as the morning until it started to drizzle. I kept the same baits on from the prior trip, and they all seemed to come to life. At one point we had 3 rods go and then a forth, (kinda` hard with only 3 people on board :roll: ). The lead went first with a strong fish, then a `rigger with the Green Dolphin, another strong fish, next was the other lead. The one on the `rigger tore off a bunch of line and now we had 3 fish a few hundred feet back, this was a disaster in the works. To add insult to injury, now the wire dipsey 180` back has a fish on it. We managed to get the first lead hit in, and it was a king around 16#. The fish off the rigger swam into the one on the other lead and they both were lost. The fish must have used each other to gain leverage to get off, the spoon on the lead had the fly body from the `rigger in it`s hook :shock: . The dipsey had a patient Laker on it that found it`s way to the net. All said, we had theirs filled along with my tag bringing in a mixed bag of Kings, lakers and Bo`s.

On Saturday morning I again set up at 42# 27` in 70`and it wasn`t as good as the day prior. We ended up 2 for 5 during the morning bite. Back out to the depths, we had good action from 110` out to 160`. The 140`s seemed to be the best, and again I ran the same spread as the day prior. There were a good number of Kings in the area and many appeared to be 4 yr olds. At one point one fish ran line the counter to 780` :shock: . Luckily we just finished a flurry and I had only 3 other rods in the water, so I pulled them and turned on the fish. He found his way to the net weighing in the high teens. After he made a few strong runs we found him wrapped in the line which prevented us from gaining on him. Just about all these Kings were caught out in the deeper water later in the morning.

The most fortunate angler on my boat brought in a King after a 25 minute battle, again in the high teens, that I found to have a split in the weld on the ring of the swivel 8) .
We ended up 17 for 20 something (with quite a few "Mulligan's") taking 15 kings a Laker and a Bo.

For the afternoon it was back to the 140`s and I pointed it Southeast. The action was again very steady all the way out to 200` where I finally had a chance to get all rods in the water. I turned back Northwest and it seemed to slow down. We had a few pokes, but my better rods were dead. After 1/2 hour I went to check my "Studs" (Green Dolphin, Black Fin Tuna) and sure enough we had a Laker and a small Chinook swimming along for the ride. They then took a few more hits and the wind started to kick up out of the North, and it came in quick. I knew what kind of a ride back I was in for being a few miles Southeast of the harbor. This all happened after one of the patrons asked how much longer we would be out, after having the flies take their toll on her legs :x . I told her we had a few hours or 9 more fish. She basically said "Lets quit playing around here and get the last few in the boat" :roll: .
The wind had us in a serious yaw so I pulled my `riggers first to try to avoid any unnecessary tangles, as I did both leads took hits and we managed to bring in both 4 yr. old`s after about 20 minutes worth of bouncing around. This was a good way to end the trip short prior to our 45 minute slow and bumpy ride back. We ended up 18 for 20 something with 11 Kings, 2 Bo`s and 5 Lakers.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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