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We left a little late, guys had to stop for some sandwiches and drinks on the way up . Anyhow I set up in 70` just South of the line and pointed it Southeast. It wasn`t long before we had the Lighted J plug take the first fish down 60` as we reached 85`. I stayed in the low 70`s to high 80`s trolling North and South, the baits were down 38`-65`. The speed was a bit quick at 2.4kts on the GPS in both directions. I had a `rigger taking hits as shallow as 38` where the temp was 69*. We hit "Pockets" of fish, we`d have a dry spell and then two or three rods would go off in quick succession. I was as deep as 160`, as far South as 42* 28`, every presentation worked throughout the day. At dawn it was the `riggers taking the bulk of the hits with the glow spoons, dodger/glow fly combos, and the Lighted J-plug.
After the initial flurry I switched the `riggers to the Stinger Green Dolphin, white dodger/ green fly, Silver Streak Hot Lobster, and Pro King double crush glow. The #2 wire dipseys back 150` and 170` had a white dodger green flie and smoke Lil` boy blue. The lead cores were followed 100 yards back by the Silver Streak Black Fin Tuna, and Smurf. I made a few passes back and forth from the high teens back to 160` taking equal numbers of hits in both directions. We ended up 16 for 26 or so with a mixed bag needing just a brown for the "Grand Slam".

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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