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North Point 8/24

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Had a real late start as we were waiting for the bands of thunderstorms, rain and strong winds to pass be fore heading out. I set just South of the line in 90`and the waves were down to less than 1 foot. I zig-zagged between 90` and 110` South to 42* 26`.The riggers were set with Silver Streaks Magnum Green Dolphin down 60`, Hot lobster down 70`, and Stinger Natural Born killer at 75`, and the Chicken Wing at 55`. The dipseys were back 150` and 180`, Smoke / Lil`boy blue, and Chrome / white. The 10 color lead had a Fishlander Green Monkey Puke.
The biggest King of the day came on a dipsey that took a good 25 minutes to find it`s way to the boat.

We had strong winds kick up from the North and then shift to the South, rain, sunshine and even hail. I tried to keep the speed at 2.1 kts. on the GPS and found that there were pockets of cooler water with a strong current. At times the rigger cables would really blow back and others they would be straight down. The winds really have the deeper water moving around. I saw that the temp down 55` ranged from 51*-69* according to my Depth Raider.
I don`t know if it was the weather pattern that had the fish active or what, but we ended up a couple over their five man limit, and lost around 15.

For the afternoon I had a couple of great guys in from Ohio. I ran back to 100` and did the same pattern as the morning. The first fish to hit was this very dark male 4 yr. old.

I don`t know if that`s sweat or due to the rain, the King made a run out to 490` on the counter and fought for a solid 20 minutes before he found the net. The # 2 wire lil` boy blue / chrome back 180` was a stud fro the afternoon. I ran the same baits on the riggers in the same positions as the morning and it wasn`t long before we had our limit.

In the last pic you can get a better idea of how dark the King in the center really is. For all you shore fishermen, you know what that means.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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