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North Point 8/25-8/27

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On Friday afternoon we waited for the last storm cell to pass around 12:30 and braved the less than perfect afternoon forecast. The weather actually held off and we had a beautiful time out on the Lake. There was a little bit of a chop but nothing really bad, the brief encounters with lightning were all off in the distance. I set up at 110` right on the Illinois side of the border and pointed it due East. I wasn`t able to put all the lines in the water until we reached 180`, and that too was short lived. I had my `riggers down 55`, 65`,75`, and 85`. It don`t think the fish had a preference, but I had the Stinger Natural Born killer, and Green Dolphin on the higher riggers` and Silver Streak Magnum Smurf and Black Fin Tuna down deep. The # 2 wire dipseys back 180` and 190` had a green Hot Spot / green fly and Smoke / Lil` Boy Blue. The lead, when I finally had a chance to put it out had the Hot Lobster 10 colors back. I made a pass all the way out to 230` and finally stopped putting the lines back in so I could turn (yes it was that good). I brought it back due West and we had our 6 person limit a little after 4, I told them my limit or 5 O`Clock. Well, we were under power before 5 and came in with a mixed bag consisting of: 1 Coho, 9 Bo`s, 7 Lakers and 17 Kings. Yes I know it`s 34, someone miscounted the initial tally :roll: . My speed was 2.4 kts. on the way out and 2.7 kts. on my Westbound (GPS speed).

On Saturday Morning, leaving just after 5, I went to 42* 28.5`N and set up in 70`, Various glow spoons and dodger / glow flies made up my 6 rod morning spread. Downriggers between 40` and `60, #3 fireline dipseys 120` and 150` back. We were 8 for 11 by 6:20 when a patron had a bad reaction to the Lake`s conditions. At that point we decided it was best to come in. This was our result of draggin` lines for about an hour. The 17 1/2# King was brought in by the young lady sporting the "Hat".

For the Afternoon it was back out to the depths along the line. I ran the same baits, same tracks,and the same depths as the afternoon prior. It wasn`t as hectic, but we still had a lot of action. We ended up 25 for 37 or so, with 1 Coho, 3 Bo`s , 3 Lakers, and 18 Kings. This was a rescheduled trip from June 10th (PFC Morris Tournament weekend) and I believe it was worth the wait.

For Sunday morning I took it South of the Pack and set up at 42* 28` N in 80`, I went with the small rollers and pointed it South. It was still dark when we took our first hit (sometimes it takes a little light to turn them on) taking a Fishlander Orange Easter Egg glow down 40`. I was now in the 90`s and we had decent action for the first hour or so. The winds were picking up and it was making it hard to control your speed, especially on the turns, which I did at 42* 25`. I had my usual Pre dawn spread, and we had 8 in the box before the initial flurry ended, From there on we poked away taking it North all the way to the line. I turned East and took it as deep as 135`, turned back in and pulled lines at 50`. It was a slow troll back to the North and I had a hard time controlling my speed, the slightest turn into or away from the wind would alter your speed by 1/2 a knot or so.
The two biggest fish came in the flurry one of which I "turned on" (turned the boat to the direction of the fish) to avoid being spooled. Both of these came in just over 19 pounds.

This was the last fish caught and just as "There`s always room for Jello" there`s always room for a pic of a Brown. This 11 pounder is my 6th of the year.

We ended up 20 for 27 or so with 19 Kings and the Brown. The big 4 yr. olds really make the 6-7 pound fish look small.

There are really a lot of fish in the area, now is the time to get out.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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Thanks for the report. Looks like some good fishing on the big pond.
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