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Took off at 2 and went South into the wind, I was heading out in 15` of water and marked tons of bait and hooks. I wasn`t set up for fishing that shallow so I took it to the outside and set up in 30`. There the water was warmer and the marks disappeared. I pointed it East at 42* 27` and a mark finally appeared on the screen as we hit 60. When we reached 70` the first hit of the day came on a Silver Streak Mag Green dolphin down 50, after a brief battle we had our first King in just over 11 pounds. I continued the Easterly troll and nada until we reached 120`, then life was good :wink: .
Wire Dipseys back 100` and 120`leading a white Spin Dr. and green fly, 10 color lead core with the Stinger Chicken Wing, and Kevorkian, `riggers 33`-65` down had the Silver Streak Smurf, Back Fin Tuna, and Hot Lobster .I was finally deep enough to run the copper and it had a White/blue tape Spin Dr. with a Blue Max flie.They all contributed in taking a mixed bag of Lakers, Bo`s and Kings. I continued my run out to 150` and turned as it slowed, I went over the same path a few times and brought it back into 45` before pulling the last line. My speed was a constant 2.0-2.1 kts. on the GPS. Probably the largest fish for it`s class was this 11 pound Steelie.

We ended up 18 for 20 something, two of the fish were too shy for the pic :roll: .

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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