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I heard of some decent catches on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, which gave me hopes of a good weekend.

On Saturday morning upon leaving the harbor the wind was calm and the Lake had some rollers left over from the strong blow on Friday afternoon. I set up in 80` and pointed it Southeast a mile South of the line. Not long after getting the lines out the 180` #2 wire dipsey with green behind a white hot spot starts tugging and after gaining our "Sea Legs" a decent King in the 8-9 lb. class finds its way to the cooler. I continued on the 120° heading which gave a smoother ride in the deeper waters. I took it out to 140` and turned North. By this time the sun was up and it also brought some stronger winds and waves. We managed a few more pokes but couldn`t get the fish to stay hooked up. My copper broke :cry: just beyond the knot from the backing as a swell put some excessive pressure on the line. I tried to get back to the shallower water where the Lake was a bit calmer, but the Lake Michigan Flu had taken its toll :? They decided to call it early and we ended up going 1/6.

On a good note, I did mark a lot of bait and hooks on the way in between 115` and 95`.

By the afternoon the winds had calmed substantially and the rollers were very far apart. I set up in 80` a mile South of the line, again on a 120° heading, and was happy to see the bait I saw on the way in from the morning trip was still there. We passed thru the bait with no action, the water was 62° at the surface and 58° 70` down. I continued out to 140` with no marks or bait. We brought it back into the mid teens around 42° 27` N. Here the bait was very plentiful, but only a few marks were present. I haven`t seen this much bait since May, there were points where it would come up 50` and stay on the screen for 5 - 10 seconds at a time. I pointed it North and we finally started getting some action that I was used to. I continued up to the line and had nibbles all the way. I turned back and did a few passes zig-zagging between 105` and 115`. It was almost a perfect hook-up to box percentage missing only one fish. We took a mixed bag needing only a coho for the Slam. The dink, and I mean dink King, had all three hooks in it`s mouth and would have definitely been gull food. We were part of a three boat "Bachelor Party" outing, and someone needed braggin` rights, so it had to be shown to the others at the dock.

On Sunday morning with high hopes of continuing where I left off, I set up South of the pack in the mid 80`s. It wasn`t long before we reached the century mark and had two rods go, bringing in a King and loosing the other. I kept to my program as the day prior avoiding boats and trolling North / South between 105`-115`. For whatever reason, only known to the alewives, the bait was almost nonexistent. I marked a few balls just off the bottom, but nothing like I was going over the afternoon prior. We had decent action, and as it slowed I took it out to 130` where we had a few good passes as well. All in all compared to the past few weeks we did quite well with the youngest on board going 3/4, which is great for a "First Timer" :wink: We ended up 13 for 17 with the stud rods being the Silver Streak Magnum "Smurf" and "Black Fin Tuna" down 65` and 75`, and Lil` Boy Blue behind Smoke down 60`.

I don`t know why the bait showed up so thick and then disappeared as quickly as it arrived. This has been a weird past month or so with the winds constantly changing direction and moving the water around. Last week I was trolling and taking Lakers in 14` where the water was 44° 6 feet down. This weekend the water was 58° just about all the way to the bottom in 100`.
Either way I`ve still heard stories all year of guys going on Fly-ins to Canada, or week long trips to Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Erie, and Kentucky Lake and not having as much action as they did right here in our own back yard.
Good Luck to anyone who still plans on giving the Lake a try. :wink:
I have a few more weeks left and hopefully the fishing will stay good.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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