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North Point 9/15-9/16

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Took off after once again having no real reports to go by and set up on marks in 150`. The water was 64* 120` down, the motors on my `riggers were going to get a workout. I started off with a chrome e-chip flasher ahead of a green fly down 120`, white hot spot ahead of a white fly down 125`, Silver Streak "Kevorkian"(glow back) down 130` and a "Hot Lobster" down 140`. My #1 and 1/2 wire dipseys were out 350 with a chrome/ green fly, and 400` Smoke / Lil` boy blue.
All the rods were working, and I only switched around a few spoons throughout the morning with the Glow Purple Fire tiger and Green Dolphin taking nay additional hits. On one instance as I was letting out the Green Dolphin it took a hit just below the surface. This prompted me to put out a lead, which never saw any action. My best troll was Northeast and Southwest. There was a strong current down below 120` (where I had my "Depth Raider" probe) as the 140` cable was tangling with my 120`. My best bite early came in the 190`s and shut down after 2 passes, I took it out to 250` where there were plenty of marks and action as well. The biggest fish was this 21 pound Laker that took the white/ white down 125`.

For the first 2 hours the dipseys were hot and then tapered off. Then it was the dodger/ flies that took the bulk of the action, the spoons were steady all morning.We ended up with 24 Kings and 2 Lakers, out of a total of 41 hits.

I took this shot for the taxidermist, and it shows how well this fish was feeding, what a belly.

For the afternoon we had a late start and didn`t leave until 3, the Captains I spoke with said it was a different Lake than the morning and the fish had moved. I set up shallow in 150` again on some marks, to see if they came in. We had a few hits but it wasn`t worth staying so I pointed it out. Once again 200`-250` was a better area for action and the problem being we were now 45 minutes out of port and it was getting dark. I pulled lines early after about 3 hours of actual trolling. We ended up with 8 Kings between 6-10 pounds leaving just as many with the taste of a treble hook in their mouths. The `riggers were at the same depths, with a Carmel Dolphin (Sister Sledge), and Monkey Puke replacing the dodger/ fly combos I had out in the morning. At one point on a long slow turn my speed at the ball (120` down)was .6 mph, and my GPS speed was 2.6 kts. As soon as I came out of it the speed was back up and I had 3 `rigger cables tangled together, not a good time. When we got in, the "Tropics" was more important to the group than a pic, so you`ll have to use your imagination.
On Saturday morning the waves were too much for group and we ended up 1 for 2 (loosing a Laker 20` behind the boat) after about 1/2 hour of bouncing around.
We are supposed to get some badly needed Westerly winds the next few days and hopefully they`ll bring in some cold water and fish. This is really turning into a bad month to try to get out.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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