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My morning trip was a bust due to the high seas, we were able to get out in the afternoon. Not knowing where to start, I pointed it east out of the harbor until I marked fish. I set up in 140` seeing big hooks down 90`. I ran my `riggers 75`-110` down with the Silver Streak "Hot Lobster" and "Purple Fire Tiger" on my deeper lines. A White Hot Spot ahead of a white fly, and Glow Spin Doctor ahead of a green fly were on the shallower ones. The # 2 wire dipseys were back 250` and 270`with the same dodger flies as my `riggers.
The fishing was spotty and the cooler water was disappearing. I was all over the place from the line down to 42*27, from 140`-200`. I didn`t have any Stud rod, but the spoons did better than the dodger flies and I ended up running spoons on all my `riggers adding the Green Dolphin and Sister Sludge.
We ended up 13 for about 20 with a few 4 yr. olds

On Saturday Morning leaving at 6:30 , I set up right on the line again at 140`. I ran spoons on all my `riggers and left the dipseys with the dodger flies. I must have set up on a school as we had action right away. I took it to 180` where it seemed to slow and turned back.
I ended up with 2 more browns on the trip, only one was a little to young to photograph.

After another pass we were one over our 3 man limit, I would have stayed out but one of the patrons wasn`t feeling well and we were back at the dock before 9.

On Saturday afternoon the bite seemed to be deeper, `riggers were down 110`-135` and the dipseys were back 325` and 340`. I was between 42*28` and 42* 27`, 160`-180`.I found a really strong current below 110` as my deeper riggers were tangling with my shallow ones. The Silver Streak Purple Fire Tiger down 120` was a stud, and the 340` Spin Doctor/green flie wasn`t far behind.
I took another brown, my third for the day.

We ended up 11 for about 20 with a better pic on the way. My camera did`t focus for the "Back of the boat" shot.

On Sunday Morning I went right back to 140` and set up trolling East, we were once again all over the Lake, however the 180`s seemed to be best. The bite was still very deep and we had a problem keeping them on the hook. Most of the hits came on the deeper `riggers (120` and 135`) which had a Pro King Kenosha Killer, and a Silver Streak Hot Lobster. The North troll seemed to produce best. We ended up below the .500 mark going 13 for 27.

For the afternoon, as the morning it just wasn`t my day for getting the fish to the boat. The action came in pockets, nothing for a while and then two or three in quick succession. The 170`s on a Southeast troll was the best with a GPS speed of 2.8 kts. I turned and did the opposite heading and the speed was all the way down to 1.9 kts. We had an even worse percentage then the morning, after loosing the first 6 fish we ended up going 7 for 20.
On Monday morning I set up in 140` just South of the line and took the same Southeast heading as I did on Sunday. We lost the first fish and was getting the "Here we go again" feeling. Then the next one was a dink we were draggin, but at least it found it`s way to the cooler. After that out hook-up rate was great. I had one `rigger down 135` with a Silver Streak Hot Lobster and the other down 120` with the Purple Fire Tiger. These 2 rods accounted for probably 15 hits. The 325` dipsey with the white Hot Spot / green fly took a few and the rest were random hits on the higher `riggers. After the first 10 came in kinda` quickly I heard one of the group say "Wow, at this rate we`ll come in with our limit, that never happened to us before." Just what I needed to hear the dreaded "L" word. Needles to say right after that, the bite slowed down. I found the Northwest troll wasn`t as productive so I kept turning back to the Southeast at 2.8 kts. We ended up with our 4 man "Limit" going 20 for 23 all Kings, but wound up all the way down to 42* 25`N.

I ran the lead on a few trips and even added 4 ozs. with not even a bump all weekend. I basically ran a 6 rod spread with the 4 `riggers and 2 dipseys. The `riggers were by far the best producers. I found the water temp to be 64* down 155`in 165`. All the fish I caught on Monday were warm but they still put up one heck of a fight.
Hopefully we`ll start to get some Southern or Westerly winds, and bring some of that cooler water back.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim

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Jim, I am out in the burbs now. I'm not as close to the lake anymore, so no salmon trips for me this season. Besides that, I have been strapped down heavy at work too. Maybe a little "Trolling 101" will be on the menu for next year. Good luck to you the rest of the season :D
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