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I was waiting to see if the action picked up prior to posting but the weather hasn`t cooperated.
It was another spotty weekend :( . I kept it close to shore just North of the line on Saturday and Sunday morning never venturing outside of 40`. Both days we took Lakers in 14` :shock: as well as some 4 yr. olds and browns. I ran clean spoons back 50`-70` and #3 dipseys out 25`-30`. The water was 52° at the surface and 46° 6` down. On Saturday afternoon I started in 35` right on the state line where I ended with decent action in the morning. We had 2 bumps off the `riggers and took a 2 yr. old King pretty quickly...then the sail boats took over the area :x I took it out over the hill to see if the fish had moved in or out, depending on how you look at it. We had a few pokes in the 60`s and 90`s but nothing substantial and a few marks. I brought it back into the 40`s and had a few more pokes near the end of the trip.
I know of boats heading out to the North and South reef, fishing the beach (as I did), North past Kenosha, in front of the Root, and as far out as 350` all with basically the same results.
I did hear of a couple of charters out today marking bait in the cloudy shallow water as well as out on the hill.
I`m hoping this bait that hasn`t been too abundant the past summer shows up heavy, and changes things around quickly.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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