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North Point 9/8

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Took off just after 6 and set up in 110` on some marks just South of the line. There weren`t any boats out the day prior, so it was anyone`s guess to where the fish were. I was heading East when we found action at 115` taking a Green Easter egg glow down 100`. I had my Depth Raider at 90` where the temp was 55*. It appeared the water was cooling off, however at 120` it was back up to 68*. Once again there were pockets of cold water and a strong push from West to East. I really had to slow the engines to get the boat down to 1.7 kts, which put the baits right around 2.0 mph, heading West I had the GPS at 2.8 kts.
We had steady action from 115`-145`and I just circled around the area for the length of the trip, staying between the line and a mile South. The baits were down 90` -115`with a chrome/ green fly down 90`, white plastic / aqua down 100`, Magnum Kevorkian 105` and Magnum Smurf down 115`. The # 2 wire dipseys were back 275` and 325` with a white Hot Spot / green fly, and glow Spin Doctor / lil` boy blue. I marked a few fish up in the column and put out the lead which took two hits. One had the Stinger Kevorkian, the other a green Dolphin. The biggest fish of it`s class was this 12 pound Coho that went after the chrome / green fly.

Basically everything was working and I didn`t do much changing. My best troll was East and we also had good action on the turns.
We ended up 22 for 33 or so with 19 Kings a coho, Laker, and small brown.

As soon as the fish seemed to adjust to the last blow another one came into play :( , hopefully next weekend will offer more opportunity's for us all to get out :wink: .

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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