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This is a long post and I did the best I could not only to recollect the events, but also prevent it from being too dry, while still remaining entertaining.

On Thursday it turned out to be another beautiful afternoon out on the Lake. I set up right on the line in 50`, holding true to the current afternoon bite, we didn`t see any real action until we reached the 60`s. I had four on board and wanted to get the lines in prior to reaching the "Promised land". We had a couple of doubles go and I continued to 115,` where I turned back with with half our limit in the box. It seemed everyone was fishing the same area and I ended up having to take a Southwest heading to avoid traffic. This appeared to be a good move as the action continued until we reached the 50`s where I had to turn West to find unobstructed waters, not long after we had our limit. In the deeper water I ran spoons down 40`-65` on three `riggers searching for some kings with out even a bump. The best flie by far was a Stanley Stinger Blue/Green/ Gold midget flie that accounted for probably 12 or more of the fish. The boards back 50`-70` and dipseys out 30` on the counter took all the hits.

On Saturday morning I had a church group out who prayed for good fishing and weather, it appeared to work as both held true. I set up in 25` and pointed it South to avoid all the commotion right in front of the harbor. We had action right away while I continued down towards the nuke. I turned it back as the bite slowed and returned North to the line. We saw some action, but not what others had faced earlier. We picked away and I realized that I must have set up on the Southwest end of the school, and trolled out of it. By the time I made it back up they had moved, I took it East and found the coho were now in the 40`-80` range. Here were the aggressive fish that I had set up on. We had a few rods go, then a brief dry spell, and so on. The dipseys out 30` with the Sigs Rig "Mardi Gras" and "Blue Liz" Chedder flie, were the studs :wink: . I informed the group that I too help people and I offer daily services where I make "Fishers of Men". :mrgreen:

The rains couldn`t hold off forever :cry: and the afternoon trip started off soggy. This didn`t hamper the spirits of the group that I had to reschedule from last summer due to rough seas. I set up right on the line in 60` and we had 4 in the box as I neared the century mark. Speaking with a few other charters, it wasn`t "Hot n` Heavy" anywhere. I continued out to the 150`s where we found the bite to be a little more consistent. We circled around an area just South of the line, and despite attempting to shake off as many as they could :roll: , we managed to come in with our limit. In the deeper water the `riggers I had down 70`-90`searching for some Kings found one, but got the attention of quite a few Coho :? .

Sunday morning the weather had passed and it was great to be out. I set up on the line and had my son (who is starting to pick out good spoon choices) along as his apprenticeship as a Mate is underway. I was informed by members on the trip that had he been on an Internship, I wouldn`t have to pay him, oh well, too late now :( .
I went back to the line where I started the day prior and set up in 60`, we once again found steady action, and picked away out to the 120`s where I circled back and forth. My son was eating some breakfast when we had a couple rods go, and I guess that was more important than helping the old man at the back of the boat :shock: . I was informed by the party on board that he was on his "Break", and that it was part of his union contract. It appears I`ll have to get him back to the negotiating table somehow and re-write this so called contract :) . After laughing about him Picketing behind my boat, yearning for better working conditions and wages we had our limit :wink: .

On Sunday afternoon the winds were picking up from the West, I pointed it East out of the harbor and set up in 80`. The other Charters I spoke to were working the 90`-130` range with a fair amount of action, but nothing spectacular. As I reached the 120`s I had 4 coho in the cooler, I decided to keep heading out, between 130` and 190` we picked up 18 more. I turned at 210` as the bite had slowed, and couldn`t find a good angle to control my speed until we made it back to the 150`s, where we finished off our 6 man limit. There wasn`t anything really hot to speak of, all the presentations accounted for a fair amount of the end result. Riggers down 40`-90`, birds back 50`-70, dipseys 30` on a #3 setting.

On Memorial Day morning I took it back to the line and trolled out from 40` to 110` with poor results :oops: . I spoke with a few Captains that started an hour earlier than I and it wasn`t very fast for them either. I pointed it Southwest and took it all the way down to 42N 26` where we started to pick up fish on a consistent basis. We took a decent King around 11#`s on the way down and also saw some nice Bo action. We still came in early with our limit, but it`s starting to take a little longer.

On Tuesday I did a "Bankers Hours" trip leaving at 7, allowing a visiting Navy E.O.D.`s (explosives ordinance disposal) son up from Florida a little more sleep time with their long ride up from the far Southwest `burbs. It was a very calm morning with a very slight breeze out of the South. This enticed the first major hatching of the black flies :evil: , as if this wasn`t enough there were plenty of gnats mixed in for good measure. Holding true to the trips earlier in the weekend the fishing has slowed. I spoke with another Captain, and took it South of him starting at 42 27`N in 80` heading Southeast. Other than the flies, that for some reason were only biting one particular person :shock: , it was another beautiful day.
We would pick up a few quick hits and troll for 10 or so minutes, then another rod would pop. It was a good pace to enjoy the Lake, nothing so fast we couldn`t keep up with (although I think we may have had four on at one time) remaining both relaxing and fun. I was told at our departure by the Grandfather, that the youngest up from Florida was the best fisherman on board, and he was right. At one point someone asked if we were trying to make a "Black Necklace" with the beads that marked missed fish :lol: , to which the grandson had very little to contribute. There were a few very interesting incidents,I never had anyone do what one did when we had a double coming in, (I`m actually laughing as I type). I guess you`ll have to use your imagination. Out on my boat we follow the Las Vegas creed "What happens on the boat, stays on the boat!" :wink:
I ran a variety of bigger dodgers and flies on `riggers and dipseys all morning trying to entice a strike from a King with no avail. We came in with our 6 man limit with time for lunch and still beat the heavy traffic home.

Every trip I had for the Month of May resulted in a limit except for two, one was a miscount :roll: the other we missed by one :cry: . The bite is starting to slow, or perhaps we`ve been spoiled? We are still seeing plenty of action in this great fishery, it`s the best I`ve seen in a few years. So again, if you have to, make time to get out and spend some quality time with family and friends.
Before you know it the season will be over and you`ll be kicking yourself for not setting a day aside.
As I was told by my Dad, "The older you get the faster time passes", and as usual, he was right :wink: .

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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