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Hopefully, and I`m saying that with my fingers crossed, we are finally finished with the cold windy days that have stricken us so far this year. I went from a scarf, ear muffs and ski gloves last Thursday to a T-shirt on Sunday.

It appears along with this warming trend the fish have moved out to deeper waters. I finished my last trip out in 235`, some boats are venturing out even deeper.

Despite the calm conditions, the boards were still active with mostly coho being taken. The majority of hits on my last few trips were either at the surface or down 90`-120`, with an occasional poke in the mid depths. I had three rods go on Sunday, two boards, and the third down 115`, all three brought in coho.
However,Kings and Lakers are most prevalent off the deeper presentations. Some trips it`s the spoons that are most productive, others it`s dodgers/flies.
As far as the dipseys go, it`s anybodys guess, I`ve had hits 40` out and then trips where no matter their placement they never took a hit.

If you have a couple of hits in a specific area, work it at different angles, direction seems to be a factor.

Good Luck to all in the Tournament this weekend :wink:

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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