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The bite started looking good until we had that strong Northeast cold front on the 10th. Prior to that we had cold water (upper 40`s to mid 50`s) down about 50` no matter what depth you were in. After the blow the temps were 70-72 at the surface and still 65 90` down. I`ve marked 5`-10` of solid bait on the bottom from 70`-90` of water on some mornings, I don`t mean clouds, I mean a steady reading of bait :shock: The morning bite has been sporadic, some days there is one, others just a few fish.
The afternoons haven`t been what we had the past few years either.
This seems to be the same all over the Lake, we believe it is weather related. Coming down to my dock, up until a few weeks ago, you could see the bass were still on their beds :roll:
Most guys are doing better with dodger/flie combos during the morning low light conditions. I`ve found the glow spoons to work well in the afternoon down 90`-115` in 100`-130` of water. The best for me has been the Moonshine brand standard "Moonshine". The Silver Streak Smurf and Black Fin Tuna have done well also.
I`ve received a few calls and heard "I guess the fishing is tough since you don`t put up any reports" Yes the fishing has been tough this year, for everyone. The truth is I`ve been really busy and haven`t had the time. I just now posted pics from the end of July on my website.
The reports I posted this year were very less detailed than those of the past. For one, after running a number of trips in a row they all tend to run together, and second there hasn`t been any real pattern to go by. I heard it best described by a Captain that charters up in Northern Wisconsin. "Every time you go out it`s like starting over, the baits you had out on your last trip don`t work on your next." Although as I mentioned I`ve had a few good spoons, this is basically true.

I did have one pic for the highlight reel, these two Browns came in as a double, never before have I had a double on Browns. And yes the two boys brought them in.

True this season has been spotty, I`ve heard many guys on the boat talk of going up North and having a tough time with the Muskies and other fresh water fish.
As I said before even the Cubs have gone into an occasional World Series slump 8) , this should make us appreciate all the great seasons we`ve had so far.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim

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it's been a spotty one for all this year, But With the way everything's shaping up i think you'll Make up for it this fall :D :D

I know i will, Keep those Peeps on some fish and they'll stay happy.

Nice job!


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