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The fishing for North Point and probably Waukegan at times has been slow, there are plenty of marks and bait, but the fish at times haven`t cooperated. I as well as the other captains talk to, don`t see any particular pattern to work with. The hot bait one day is dead the next, as well as the fish now being a couple of miles further away from where they were in the morning. There is a lot of current that is also changing direction as the day goes on, this probably accounts for the movement of the fish. There are still some decent catches coming in, just not consistently by any particular boat. As soon as you think you have the program down, the next day you don`t. One day the Dipseys do all the work, the next day it`s the `riggers, or dodgers versus spoons, and so on. Keep changing your baits until you find something appealing. When I`ve had better catches I was able to determine a particular presentation and put that out on a couple of rods. At times we`ve even gone back to the "00" dodger/fly spring set ups.

As I understand it there are plenty of coho being caught down at the South end, hopefully as the water temps change they`ll find there way up by us. I did have a couple of trips where the majority of my fish were Kings and I`ve also noted more Steelies in the mix.

Here are a couple of shots to show you there are still fish in the Lake and that the sky is not falling.

And here is what it`s all about, three generations spending time together, grandfather, father, and grandson.

The weather has played a major roll in the fishing on the Lake as well as the rest of the country as I`ve heard the same story from many of my patrons. Hopefully we`ll continue to see the big Kings just as we have thru out the spring in the next couple of months.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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