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10/6 thru 10/8, 2007

Late post. Been too busy studying, working, and fishing on the side.

I was up in da woodz for probably the final time in 2007. It was a crappy trip, but was good to finally get away and not worry about school and crap like that.

It was a very hot weekend, both days pushing mid-80's in air temps. In result, the water temps were warm everywhere we fished, ranging anywhere from 60-64degs, which is early-summer conditions. This weird weather probably led to the poor fishing I experienced this weekend. Besides the weird water temps, the fall colors were almost non-existent. It was ugly and nothing like usual.

one of my lakes.

my river.

Three lakes and a river were fished. I made three Musky outings, two at lake, and other at river. I was skunked this weekend for them, but I encountered one which was lost near boatside - about 25", very skinny. It flipped out on me at the surface and somehow frayed the leader because on the following cast, my Llungen DC-8 goes flying 100-yards out into the lake. NOT COOL!

When not dicking around with the Muskellunge and fish of that nature, I messed around for a bit on the backyard lake and was catching the usual 14-18" Bass and crappies. This usually ends up getting boring.

This was pretty much the extent of this trip. I did some hard fishing and was not rewarded with anything in return..... Despite the good regional reports I was getting.

It was a pretty good 2007 season in WI. I should be back fishing for the same amounts again in '08.

Now I've got my backyard river Walleyes to look forward to!

:D :D[/u]
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