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May 24 thru May 27, 2008

Finally, my first trip of 2008. I didn't do as much fishing over the weekend as I was hoping to because we had to open up the house, make sure the boat worked, and the house was still standing. In addition the weather sucked and got washed-out for a good portion of one day, and so-forth.... Not your seasonal nor ideal outdoor atmosphere.

Saturday May 24, 2008

We arrived to the destination in the late morning and the day was dedicated to opening up the house, making sure pipes weren't broken, turning on the electricity and etc. In addition, my main task for the day was making sure the new boat worked and that I didn't end up buying some piece of fiberglass junk on wheels. THIS WAS MY AGENDA!

I really didn't have fishing in mind but we threw the walleye gear into the boat with us when we gave the boat a spin out on a nearby 1,000+ acre lake. Water temps came in at a cold 56-degrees which are ideal Musky spawning temps. Eventually, we got blown off the lake plus all of my intended fishing areas were taken up by other boats. So after a test drive and running and gunning it across the lake which is about one or two miles long, we called it a successful day. Didn't care for fishing one bit on this day.

The motor had some trouble starting and staying in gear when idling or at neutral as it would conk out... Probably wasn't used in quite some time. Otherwise, it's fast when going, and works when warmed up, and a tough little boat as advertised.

Got lots to be proud of here. My pride and joy for now.

Not even at full speed. Didn't want pops to lose his hat and to have it end up flying into the 'drink. . . . It happened once. Eventually, we got the boat flying at around what many have told me it would be, 20-25MPH for a simple little 28-horse motor, no joke.

We got ourselves a winner in "Mean Machine" Maurice.

Sunday May 25, 2008

I was hoping to be out fishing all day in the boat but it didn't happen. The weather crapped out on pops and I, nor did it help that it was windy like crazy out. In the late afternoon we managed to make it over to a quiet and smaller sub-100 acre lake in hopes of de-carbing the motor and cleaning the carburetor as it has to be done out on the water in neutral gear. However, thanks to an incoming thunder & hail storm, we had to haul ass outta' there!

After the T-storms passed, roughly 2-hours later, I decided to fish at the backyard lake and it was an overall tough bite. A cold front was passing through and I was expecting to find some sort of a reaction bite. Didn't happen. After throwing around spinnerbaits all I was able to come up with was a 16" chunker which happened to be fish #1 of the weekend:

Soon after this fish #1 I couldn't buy a single bite for the love of God. I then looked into my massive 60lb tackle bag full of outrageous amounts of plastic baits and organized like hell, and I opened up my large case of Bearpaws Handpoured Baits. Thinking how I received a huge package from the owner last summer absolutely for free for the purposes of testing and reviewing for him on his website and mine, it was about damn time I gave him and his products a good review. . . . . . .which would last until the end of the very next and concluding day because that's how good they were working!


I used his 5-inch Hippie Heads. Kind of like a senko but much more durable (extremely more) and can be worked as slowly-sinking and gliding jerkbaits. They're unique plastics designed to have a slower sink ratio compared to the usual stickbaits.

Rig them weightless when working shallower than 7 feet.


Rig them with a weedless head when fishing some depth.

I just worked one section of shoreline with flooded brush and here's what I was able to come up with in a matter of one hour, before the next wave of rain and storms would come rolling through. It was slow fishing but being my first time of actually using these products, along with some new rods and reels, I was satisfied.

At around early evening I had to temporarily retire and it was not until after 830pm when the wave of storms came through. Since it was already dark out I wanted to try for Walleyes for a bit at a larger nearby lake. Pops tagged along so we worked a stretch of shoreline you really wouldn't ever think of fishing.

The area off shore was all rip-rap, loaded with rocks, dropping down into 20 feet or so just 50yds out, and it's next to a rather busy street with lights all along. Pops and I each managed one fish apiece with a few misses. In the past we'd catch Walleyes and some straggler Pike from here but this spot went on hiatus for the past 4-5yrs. Based on the quick results, I'm sure it will be fished more often.

Pops caught the largest which happened to be 16-17" but while taking the photo to make dad feel famous, the camera was acting up and wouldn't flash. It was fixed, but too late.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The plan was to wake up reasonably earlier than previous days at 7am but me being a lazy S.O.B. when really unmotivated, we overslept by 4hrs so it wasn't until 2 or 3pm when we were out on the water again. We were going to actually fish a much larger lake but with the high winds and still being in the process of testing and tinkering with the boat, and de-carbing the motor, we decided to stay local and work a nearby 100 acre lake. I brought the musky gear with along with a jigging rod and some minnows in case it were to get boring.

While de-carbing the motor and spraying stuff into the carburetor for an hour, we caught a few little guys, which was fun and signified the first official fish caught in the new boat.

So that was cool and soon it was time to go and head in. While on the way in, the motor conked out and didn't want to start up. A sensor went off and it was overheating - wierd, considering how the water pump was working and doing its job. However, we got it started and were able to get back to the landing. Consequently, we brought in the boat the next day to get it serviced, fixed, and get its overall check-up. It will be ready again in 12 days, the start of mine and my good friend's major annual up north fishing trip.

The cost? = around $300 if not a little more. No big deal.

After the motor fiasco I worked the little lake for the remainder of the day. This time, a massive cold front was pushing through and it dropped air temps by thirty degrees. Went from 75 down to 45 in a matter of 3 hours!!!

It was cold, I was under dressed, but I was catching fish so I didn't care. First I tried reaction baits like rattlin' rapalas and cranks on the casting gear but those only yielded serious dinks. I don't know why. So I turned back to using Mr. Bearpaw's fine products - Hippie Sticks!!!!

In about 3 hours consisting of fast action and severe dead periods of angling, I came away with under 2 dozen Bass with nearly all of them 15 inches or better with the largest being a skinny 17-18" female fish. In addition I caught one Crappie which I found surprising due to the massive cold front. It was full of eggs so I didn't bother getting a photo.

Here's the damage made with the Bearpaws Hippie Sticks during day-2 of testing, reviewing, and fishing:

In 15 fish, I went through 2 baits, and 8 come in a package. Therefore I was left with 6 remaining baits which is a darn good return ratio for stickbaits.

Dead-stick 'em and work them as a slowly moving and gliding jerkbait.

We've got ourselves a fine winner in plastic baits!

Order online @::

Highly recommend these products to be used for your daily Bassin' excursions. For tournament, or casual angling.

Until 12 days from now, good fish'n.


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Sounds like a fun trip even tho the weather sucked. I think im gonna order some of those hippie stix. Im getting kinda annoyed that the senkos dont last long. I also want to try those hippie head tubes. Man, their prices are pretty fair too.

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Thanks guys!

Toothdoc, maybe and maybe not. Never fished with an Ika before so I couldn't tell you. All I can say is that one bait alone will probably last longer than the entire package of Ikas.

Jaypee, for now it's entirely online except for a few outlet stores and small chains in New York which is where they're from.

In case of emergencies, John (owner) ships his products out as fast as the speed of lighting which is a good thing.

Beware, the Hippie Sticks do not sink as fast as Senkos or Dingers. They have more buoyancy and are made to flutter down slowly for the lazy fish. Good baits though and in just 2 days I'm completely sold on them!

FYI, he also gives out generous free samples to members of the websites he sponsors. If you want a hook up, let me know.

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didn't know what it was..... A lot of you at first.. but then Started seeing some fish and relieved. Didn't Read the post but From the pics Obviously a successful few trips after all you did land fish. Nice Work! Boat looks good And looks like you had a good time, keep them coming.
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