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Northshore Channel Report: 10-22-05

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Worked from 3pm-4:30pm. Alex managed a 14" largemouth bass on a wacky rigged Senko and a 13 inch largemouth bass on a crankbait. I cot 2 white bass (yes, they were white bass) with a bladebait and one with a jigging spoon. Also got a 11 inch largemouth bass on the bladebait and an 8lb carp on it as well. Lots of shad were popping all over the place.

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Nice Report !!

Although i'm not sure weather or not you consider Carp a Game fish ( i do ) I'd like to stress Proper Handling and care for them. Please don't cary them by the gills unless you plan on killing them any way. Grasp the bottom of there head in one hand and tail in another... A lot of the carp you catch in this river are there first time being caught and first time their actually feeling there actual body weight since there lighter in the water so keep them close to the ground and grasp them this is a must for bigger carp especially.

On a lighter note Congratulations and more success And also on the wonderful pictures !!


This may sound unbelievable, but in my 35 years, i've only caught 2 carp. What makes this more amazing is that i've been a live bait fisherman up until 5 years ago. AND... working the NSC as much as I have this is my first carp from there.

I agree about the way to handle the carp, or any fish for that matter, but I assure, the quick gill handle was as gentle as can be.

What I was most impressed with on this outing was the white bass. Now there are PLENTY of white perch (yes, I said white perch) in the NSC which are commonly mistaken for white bass. And from what I understand, they even breed together. The white perch are nothing more than pests that often nibble away at live bait until the fisherman gets pissed. But white bass are a nice fish to catch, especially in the NSC.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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