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Northshore Channel Report: 11/13/05

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Mostly cloudy, strong wsw winds 20-50 mph! Temps in the 50's. Worked the plant discharge again with no luck. Unbelievable. Never seen fish not be active there.

Went back over to outfall 105 and picked up a small bass on a twistertail and a couple of crappie on a green soft plastic shad jig.
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Dude, how could you even cast? I thought about heading over to the DP river but since I would be casting into the wind I didn't go. BTW, what is the NorthWestern-most fishable spot on the Chicago River? I would like to fish it but don't know that I would be able to get to far into the city time-wise to make it a worthwhile trip.
Fishing the NSC is a gem because you are mostly protected from the elements being that you are about 15 feet below ground level.

As for the for the part to fish northwest... the river branches off in several directions, including right in my backyard here in Niles. And actually, the north branch of the Chicago River eventually turns into the Skokie River which turns into the Skokie Lagoons.

The Northshore Channel runs from Lake Michigan - along McCormick Blvd/Kedzie before meeting up with the north branch at Foster and continues downtown.

The closest location to you, Tim, would be where I was today at Howard and McCormick - about 25 minutes from DesPlaines.
Well at least you go out on what may be the last OK fishing day. I'm glad I didn't go to Twin today, winds bad there on calm days, today would have been crazy. Glad to see you got a few fish on the dry side of the river.
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