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Well seeing all the nice largemouth bass PerchGuy and his girlfriend caught yesterday, I made myself get out.

Worked the Reclamation plant discharge north of Howard from 4pm-5pm. Northwest winds 15-20mph, mostly sunny, temps in the low 40's.

I'll tell you what... this great spot has been an enigma the last several months. The bait fish are all over the place - and I think that THAT is the problem. I only managed to snag a few gizzard shad.

Live bait may have worked, but i'm not convinced that is the case. Crawlers will almost ALWAYS produce some white perch in this spot. Minnows will usually land a crappie or two and perhaps a bass.

I think outfall 105 would have been better or of course the spillway at Foster.

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great report jason !!

finessing would of been the way to go today, unfortunently I wasn't able to get out.. My descion I had some time but seen about a 5-8 degree drop in the temperature between 3:30-4:00pm so just figuered that may turn the fish off enough. about 1-1:30pm when the suns at it's fullest hit some shallows with those tubes :D

I'll probaly be out agin tommorow somewhere along the river..
No clue what i'll be targeting.. depends on tommorows conditions.

great report !!


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