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Northshore Channel Report 4/2/06

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Worked for about an hour Sunday afternoon near outfall 105. Temps in the upper 50's, south winds 15mph, mostly cloudy.

Water levels were probably the lowest i've ever seen them. Now this spot is almost always a guaranteed crappie spot and a great bass spot too. Worked several small jigs for the crappie and they were simply either not there or just not biting. I'm betting they weren't there for whatever reason. Ok... i'll cast some plastics for bass. Again - a good bass spot. Nada! I finally tied on the "small-jig-for-bluegill-to-not-get-skunked" jig and nothing. Finally, a 9 inch bass decided this tiny jig seemed interesting and took it.

I've fished this spot for many years and this was certainly an unexpected disappointment. I'm guessing the low water levels had something to do with it.
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