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Alas, I got the fishin' bug back! After a long sabbatical from fishing over the winter our spring trip north did the trick. We went to Des Moines lake in Burnett County Wisconsin, about 45 min. west of Hayward. Why, Hayward is too expensive and over rated IMHO. I did get out on Lake Owen with a bud from the UP and got skunked, except for a large fish that turned into a log that I fought for a half hour! It really was a fish at first but some how seamlessly got me hooked on a log or something after about five minutes :shock:

Anyway, Des Moines lake produced the largest Musky I have had on, had to of been 40"+. Got half of it in the net and my wife freaked, the fish freaked, the fish broke the line! Don't know the length or weight, but it was by far the largest fish I have ever had on! And the most thrilling! (as I reflect, I am somewhat shocked that I had the finness to play it out for 15 minutes) Caught at high noon, in strong east winds, very clear and sunny day, in a 8' weed bed, on a sucker minnow and med rig with 10lb Trilene.

Des Moines lake again, the largest, by far, Walleye I have ever seen landed, about 28". Same weed bed as the Musky. Strong east winds, sunny day, about 1pm, on a black spinner w/willow leaf blade(s).

Two large N. Pikes, second one on the last outing, about 32" and really pissed off! On a sucker minnow, same weed bed again, North/East winds, partly sunny.

You may be asking, where are the pic's? Well, there aren't any, we don't have a decent camera, yet :) But will be getting one before we go back in August for that Musky and Northern!

We also fished Benoit lake, Middle McKenzie, and Loon lake (lot of small Northern Pike and easy fishing), all near Des Moines Lake. We stayed at Des Moines Lake Cabins (Bill Rolfes, He has nice prices, we stayed in a small one bedroom lakeside cabin for $410 for the week! It is small but fine if you're out fishing all the time, there are larger cabins for not much more. It is close to the town of Webb Lake. Des Moines lake is a clear, spring fed, 250 acre glacial scoop lake that is a bit tough to fish, doesn't produce a lot of quantity, but does produce some very nice fish if you get to know the lake and it's quirks.
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