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Nov. 24 and 25, 2005

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Bassin in November has never been better. So far 26 bass in only three days. Turkey morning caught 13 in blistering cold and wind. Today caught 9. And 4 my first time at Busse discharge. Most were in the range of 8-10 inches with a few 11-14 inchers.

Turkey there around 8 and fished til 12 with the bucket of minnows I had left over from perchin at Montrose. Air temp with wind chill in the single digits. Couldn't take the cold any longer otherwise I would of stayed a couple more hours. Winds howling at 30 + mph. The bite was on tho. A couple other guys were out and not doing as good. Looked like bobber and minnows.

Fished my favorite technique, weightless and it proved to be the factor. I was hooking em like Kevin Van Damnit. :lol: Trick was to bait em in the dorsal fin. Many more hookups than thru the lips although thru the lips them minnows live a lot longer.

Black there around 9 and fished til 12 with the same minnows from perchin. That's 3 days they lived in that bucket. They weren't lookin so hot tho. Started forming black spots all around. Cancer??????

Anyway, air temps in the upper teens to low tweenies. Btw, them neoprene gloves don't work. They suck!!! Returned them and bought $5.00 ski gloves from Walmart and they worked perfect. Fyi.

Implemented same weightless tech and low and behold, more bass. Same dude from Turkey day was out again using his bobber and minnows with nothin happening. I showed up and started hookin bass after bass. He just looked at me like I was some bassin god. I just kept right on bassin.

Three kids showed up with a bunch of gear in a bucket on a cart. They were walking down stream and their cart tipped over and everything tumbled into the drink. I mean their tackle box opened up and it all went down. They managed to salvage most of it but I felt bad for them. They kept fishin tho which I admired. Didn't look like they were catching anything. I should of helped them get on some fish but they looked like they were having fun regardless. You know what they say, learn by experience. Anyway, with about 5 minners left I fished down stream with no luck. Only saw a bunch of gills and baby bass.

Went back to original spot and they snatched my next 4 minners. With only one minnow left, I started a new tradition of letting the last minnow go free. He deserved it being the soul survivor. Tossed him in and he booked into the rocks cause about 20 gills were after him. At least he'll die or live naturally. Well that's it and I'll be back for more bass tomorrow to add to my record setting pace for Nov. Who wants to play??????? Jason and I are supposed to hookup. :D
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hey augy don't you know stocking minnows is against the law? :lol: should've called me this morning...
Willy,when you say the "discharge"-are you talking about BELOW the main dam that runs into the creek?Also,do you throw the weightless minnows up against the dam or do you work around it?billyk
Meant Augie-not Willy.Sorry!Billyk

The warm water discharge at Busse Lake is approx. 75 yards east of the main dam. You can't miss it... it starts 30 yards south of Salt Creek and the water is very clear. There is a metal grate where the discharge begins.
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