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I met up with Culprit and fished the NSC for about 3 hours this morning. The weather was quite nasty out going from rain to snow most of the time that we were there. The fishing was actually quite slow and for some reason, Culprit caught all of the fish. Confused All of the fish were caught on various plastics.

This fish was literally caught on the first cast.

A few more that were caught on back to back casts.

Although it is hard to see in the pictures, all of the fish were really fat. They have been feeding on something.

Shortly before we left, this came up the river.


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hey great fish!...that is what i like to see!! all really nice bass! and great pics too!

I was out there early that morning..(6am- till about 815am) practing for the CRTT. 21 degrees snow and sleet mix.

I have a pic to post but it has been edited to not give away any tips for the CRTT....sorry but it the only one i have on this this moment..if i can post the real one later i will.

Wait this is my second post and i dont know how to post pics... :cry:

ok i got this i is pic edited to show me at wu tang concert...hehe... just didnt wanna give away exact spot fish was caught and what he slammed because i thought i was on to something... for the CRTT ..but that prolly all gonna change in this week....time for a new plan..and if i can i will get the real pic up soon...cause i know thhis edited one is lame.

I be around... holla if ya see me! :D
JayPee the HHF

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