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Fished NSC behind the Lincoln Village at 7am for an hour. Tossed a white 4 in grub tail on a jig. Hooked a really really small baby bass. That area of the river has no structure and is really shallow. I did see a lot huge carp jumping around. Might seem like a good carp spot. I'll prolly try for carp next time. Thats all folks...
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I used to fish under the Lincoln Ave bridge before they did the construction last year and could always come into a decent bass or two. Not sure now though since they re-did the entire thing.

Axeiom, i'd try a small spinner bait. That's what I used to have success with in that spot.
Cool...thanks for the tip. They constructed a small concrete pier-like structure which has been designated as a canoe launch. Thats where i fished. The rest of the shoreline is at a very steep angle.
It still smells and there are various signs along the NSC warning people not to have contact with the water.

I gotta try to foster damn area one day. One of you guys gotta show me.

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