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Oakton Pond

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Has anyone ever fished the pond by Oakton Communty College off of Central? I was there this morning and could have sworn I saw some small, 7-8 inch white striped bass.
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I personally have never fished it, but I have heard stories of some really nice fish out of there.
I fished it for about an hour this morning. I used mostly plastics, no live bait. I had several of those small bass follow my chatterbait up to shore. They were hardly any bigger than the bait. I think that I probably would have done better with live bait.
I fished it a few times and have only managed gills. Rumor has it that there are some quality bass lurking around in there. Another rumor is that once you catch a small blue gill, just hook that sucker up to a bigger hook and toss it back out there. I'm thinking this would be a good method to try in any lake.
There were a couple of other guys there yesterday morning. One guy was on the west side (I was on the east side) and I couldn't see what he was doing. Another guy fished the east side by me for a few minutes and managed to catch a little bass. I swear that the small bass that followed my Chatterbait to shore where white striped bass and not largemouths.
Hmmm, they could of possibly been yellow bass :?:
I fished this lake 3 times this year caught a couple nice lmb about 2 -3 lbs each on pumpkin seed culprit worms and yes there are white striped bass in there got 1 on a chartreuse 3'' mister twister grub.

i`d post pics if i knew how--can someone help me out on this please !!!!
Open free account at upload pics and copy and paste the url of the image between

Not all image hosting sites are compatible with these forums.
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Oakton pond Bass

THX Jason for ur help :D
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you gotta wonder how they got in there. perhaps someone secretly stocked it to make it his own secret honey hole. LOL. smart lad! :mrgreen:
I have fished there pretty regularly until Lake Glen opened. There are very nice crappie, bluegill, bass, catfish, and carp in there. Rumor has it that when we had the big floods 7 or 8 years ago the Des Plaines River spilled into it.
Hmm, that would make sense. Plus the giganto flood way back 1991 or 2, I forget.
if that's the case, there might even be some pike lurking around there.
I am so hitting up oakton pond

thats a nice bass
Hey Culprit,
How were you fishing the plastic worms? Any specific spots on the lake that are better than others?

I went out there today, fished Oakton pond using a pumpkinseed colored and then a junebug colored plastic worm, texas rigged. I fished all along the west side of the lake. Not a single bite.

Later I tried a husky jerk, but nothing too.

I saw a few big swirls near shore, I guess I spooked them b/c no matter how quietly I tried walking along those rocks, I still made noise.

Thanks for any help
Oh yeah, I almost forgot
While I was fishing, strangely this shad just jumped up out of the water onto shore and I grabbed it and took a photo. Anybody else seen em' in the water? This could mean big bass... as we see in culprit's photos above. Next time I go I'll be sure to try a shad-imitating lure.

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Ok, now I've put two and two together.....there was a flood of that lake in Brazil with the jumping fish that overflowed into the Oakton Pond!!! :lol:
Hey krnfishboy, I fish from the northeast corner to halfway down the east side of the lake. Both those fish i caught between the 2 big trees on the east shore. lots of snags there,I think there is a big branch from a tree where I fish cuz I`m always snaggin it .
Goodluck buddy
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