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After getting skunked the past 2 days I really needed to catch a damned fish! Figured this would be the best place to get the skunk off.

There was some crazy driver behind me on Milwaukee, but I quickly alluded him. :lol:

Fished from 7pm-8:15pm; sunny; temps in the upper 80's and humid; breezy south west winds.

Looked like it was gonna be another skunk (would have been 3 straight outings) and I was actually getting pissed. Very little action.

Finally got a decent 14" bass on a jig. That would be it.

Got the skunk off, but i'm in a funk for sure. :cry:


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Looks like someone needs a trip up to Deep Lake on a non-holiday weekend to get on some more fish. 8) It's what got me out of my fishing funk. :D
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