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One last time...Montrose 11.23.05

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So I went out there again cause I had some business in Chicago so why not. The bite was on again as soon as I got there. Pulled up 8 or 9. Kept none. Too small. Then out of nowwhere this monstor Brownie cruises by. They might be decomposing kings...who knows. And then another one. So I switch up to X-Raps in hopes of hookin em. No game...they weren't interested. They just kept crusing along. I couldn't keep up with them. Too much to carry (minnow bucket and my new tackle box). Maybe we should get a brownie outing going. :idea: I went back to perchin but they were gone. I think the browns scared them away.
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Hit belmont the same day with a buddy who's having knee surgery today and wanted to get out one last time before he's laid up for the winter and misses all the ice fishing adventures to come. Landed 6 between us, kept none but lots of fun. They were pretty aggressive as long as they bait got close to them. Gonna hit the fox next weekend in search of monsterfish, they're a new species recently discovered in a body of water nearest you :lol:
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