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Seeing how much interest this gernerates.

10 $ - 5$ Entrance fee...

Your Choice Vote.

Rules will be up shortly depending on interest level.

All Illinois Bodies of water Inwhich stock inland trout

Must have digital camera and tape measueer

Post ... Like this

IN 5 $


In 10 $


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May i get input from those who veiwed but failed to comment on why no interest is generatiing.. ?

It's very important that you do So, It will be highly aspreciated !!

ARe you waiting for the full Rule sheet..?

Please any one


May take a while to get started up. I do not trout fish


- To many variables
- We could not even agree with 10 peoples fishing the "same" lake
this week end at Deep Lake. Finaly at the doc we just made up some rules and fished.
- your talking a complete honor system over time. I see you keep very exact notes on your fishing not many people keep the detail you have
been.... I think you scared them off :shock:

Good luck if you get it going
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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