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I walked 8 miles of lakefront today and during that entire time there wasn't one area where I couldn't see 15-20' down. The conditions are ideal for my style of fishing and I plan on taking full advantage of it tomorrow. There's a few things to consider; Lolapalooza is going on downtown and they have the tall ships being displayed around navy pier and into the chicago river. I'm in that area everyday so that kind of traffic doesn't bother me the way it does some folks but if anyone is interested in coming down to the lakefront tomorrow I'd be ok with one or two from the site coming along. I'll have plenty of the "magic" jigs for whoever to use but you may also want to bring some countdown rapala's if you have em. If it's hot I don't plan on going down there til 3ish, if it's not too bad I might get down there closer to noon. Anyone interested put a post up here and I'll pm you my cell.
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