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Opening Day Report

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What a beautiful day it was. Light winds and plenty of sun this afternoon at Lasalle. I put in around 1P and started off on the cold side. I casted a shad colored Bandit Crank while slow trolling a spinner harness and minnow on the bottom. After about an hour or so with no takers I buzzed over to the hot side. I missed one on the bandit and also had a good rip on the spinner rig. I finally decided to drop the anchors and work a little slower. The first cast with a mini mite and fathead under a Thill baahbeer produced this little guy.

About every other cast produced a small cat so I set up a bottom rig with a spinner and roach. A few seconds later the rod got slammed and I narrowly avoided losing the rod over the side. The fish was fighting good, and it turned out to be Mr. Blue

After a few more small cats I finally hooked up with a hybrid

After that came a scrappy little greenie

And another nice blue

Followed by some more nice hybrids

I ended the day with another greenie on a crank and decided to call it a day at 5. I am VERY relieved to finally have gotten rid of the nasty skunk for '06 :p

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Man, I can't wait til I get my own boat. You lucky dog! :mrgreen:
Way to go, Matt. Those hybrids look really nice :)
Thanks guys. :D If the weather was nice I probably would of had to take another sick day today 8) Too bad the forecast looks bad for awhile. Cold temps I can take, but the wind on the cooling lakes is a killer :x
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