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On the world tour of the baby we had a stop on a 160 acre farm outside of Peoria this weekend. They happen to have a 3-4 acre pond which they let me fish.

Day one, tons of stunted bluegills on worms and caught a 18" LM bass on a worm hunk too. So I chenged over to a Baby -1 and caught 3 more of similar size in 30 mins. When I told the owners about them they asked where they are. "I threw em back of course", as they looked at my like I was a mad man. They proclaimed thier love for LM bass and wanted me to give them a few. It's hard to argue with the property owner so I told them I'd get em the next day.

Day 2: Here's the highlights. Those of you that know me know I would never hold a bass in a house unless great pressure was upon me.

Great fishing at a farm pond!!!
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