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I got out today around 5:15AM to hit the morning topwater action.5:20 to 7:30 nothing :? I tossed a old school bass"o"reno.I usely have a decent amount of luck with this lure but the last 2 times I have hit the morn bite I haven't got a pattern at all. :?

anyway after the crappy morning bite.I could here the pads all around me thumping when the sun got higher at 9:00.There are lots of dragonfly's everywhere going in an out of the water in and around the I stared working over the pads with a senko just inching it a long and popping it from's what i got.

I got 5 fish from 9-12. lost a absolute hawg by a tree this fish was at lest 20+incher once he got in the deep in the pads i lost her.

well peace&love ppl gota hit the evening bite.
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