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got out yesterday just 4 a few hours form 9am-1pm.with the cooler temps at night i've noticed the bass are getting out of there summer funk.the days are getting shorter and nights are cooler can anybody say fall.

good fishing this weekend on the smaller bodys of water 4 get out there this weekend.morn water temps in the lower 70s to mid 70s should make the bass more active.

since i got to the pond after the morn topwater bite,i was using senkos off the deepweedlines. and nothing 4 and hour or so as i walked around the i tied on crank bait thinking the bass wanted something a bit faster and in 5min after i stared getting strikes.landed 3 fish in 2 hours with a lipless shad.

so get out this weekend all smallbodys of water will produce for sure.
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