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Panama Beach Florida

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We might be going to the Panama Beach area next weekend, anyone familiar with the area fishing? I'm thinking of doing the deep sea charter thing, any recomendations?
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couldn't make it this week but i'm determined to get down there this month! who's with us?
Willy, I am envious. I used to go down to the Largo/Clearwater/St. Pete area quite a bit. It was such a blast to leave the winter behind and be in a t-shirt and shorts during the winter months. The worst part is always having to go back :D

hang on to that envy Matt, my tax refund got rejected due to improper e-fileing by my X-tax person, now i have to refile. that [email protected]#KS! the trip will be pushed into March, maybe april :evil: if any of you e-file be sure to confirm in two days with the co. that did it for you, the irs informs them 48 hours after they file your return if there's a problem. these jerks sat on the info for a month and waited for me to find out on my own arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'll never use Del Guidice Tax Service in elmwood park again! :x
Thats too bad Willy. By the time you are able to go it might be warm up here :?
Yeah i know, but it'll be HOT down there :twisted: what do you know about Salem, MO.? (tried to pm you Matt and got an error)
well things are finally starting to click for me, 8) i'll be chillin on the beach this weekend gonna check out a crib down there i hope we get a chance to do some fishing...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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