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park bait shop

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good news the park bait shop will be open saturday just spoke to em the report is browns on spoons & nightcrawlers it's time to hit montrose! i'm thinking of going out tomorow got a dozen juicy crawlers in the frige i've been fattening up! who's with me?
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I could be game for that.
Willy and Jason..............
Sunday am out on the boat?
Might even get fish also.
I dont want to hear any excuses either
Going out tomorrow with Augy out of 95th. (GOD BLESS US)
Went wed and got 10 fish
Rockfish said:
Going out tomorrow with Augy out of 95th. (GOD BLESS US)
Amen brother. See you bright and early!
Good luck & see ya Sunday give me a call...
We'll be @ Montrose tomorow look for a blue/silver Nissan Quest & a guy yelling at 2 brats, Rock can't make it so we'll hit the shore, hope everythings ok Rock... Hey Augy post that coho you landed today & Will i heard you landed the wrong kinda fish :lol:
No my friend. That was indeed the right kind of fish. Beats a Coho any day! :D :D
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