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last friday,

:shock: fished winnebago from 2:00-8:00, fished the stockridge area. fished with crawlers, i had one pole rigged with a splitshot rig and one with a fire ball stinger jig. around 3:30 we started getin fish, first fish was a craphead(sheeephead), got maybe 30 of those before the walleyes turned on.the i got a small walleye, 14 inch, next my uncle got a 14 inch walleye. both on jigs. then i got a smallie, about 11 inches. caught about 10 more crapheads then the fishing started getin HOT. i got a smallie and a craphead at the same time workin two poles. craphead on a jig, smallie on a splitshot uncle got 2 more walleyes but threw them back cuz they were small. i got a nother couple walleyes, one 13in and one 16 in.caught 2 more smallies and a few more crappers and left home. it was an awsome day :wink:

last sunday

:cry: , fished winnebago frome 7:00(AM)-2:00(pm). fished crawlers on jigs, my cousin got a NICE walleye 20 1/2 inches. and my uncle got a 13ish walleye. i for the first itme in my life expirienced sea sickness :cry: :cry: :cry: , atleast i caught 3 crappers :lol: .we caught millions of crappers and 1 smallie too.really windy, thats how i got sea sick, frome the 4 foot swells :oops: .

last monday

fished memorial park pond for an hour in the evening, 6ish i think. we were casting powerstix for northern. a bass followed me but diddn't take it. Saw lots of northerns jumpin though. got nothing that day

last tuesday

fished memorial pond again in the day, fished right by the pier for northerns, no sucsess. then decided to NOT get skunked and catch bluegill. instead, we caught a couple perch. i hooked somthing huge on a worm, probably a giant bass. it faught like a northern, anyway, unfortunatly i was using an aberdeen and it bent the hook, never landed it. :evil:

later that nite...came back for an hour, fished crawlers for bass by the weed beds, i got a 14 inch largemouth, leaving my cousin with ity bitty bluegills as all he caught :lol: .

and today in illinois

fished schillar with crawlers under a bobber for whatever would bite. caught a bunch of gills and one small bass, it was an awsome week..... i got walleye in the freezer :lol:
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