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This week was not all that great for fishing, but I did get another random Walleye from the backyard river, and did get myself into a few slabasaurus Crappies for this place (11-12inches).

I did not fish at all last Saturday thru Tuesday because I was not in the mood for doing anything - had some issues to take care of and was a bit burned out.

Good thing I took the days off because I feel good and rejuvenated now.

Only highlights were a few nice Crappies, an 18-inc walleye that was caught, and one mid 20-inch Walleye that I lost at the surface due to vicious head shakes cause I thought it was a snagged Carp at first but it wasn't - never set the hook into it. But the next day I ended up snagging a Carp.

This week was alright, but nothing special. Always great to have a place next to home where I can wet a line and expect to catch something, no matter what the species of fish are. :wink:
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