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jaycee park: last out there after school throwin for crappies, the usuall twister and jig, got the northern like in the report.

the next day at jaycee...met a guy who joined my site, ringneckis his username. threw around twisters at the discharge, and hooked a bluegill, as i was realling it in, this MONSTER 25+ bass came and swiped te gill off my jig, like any angler, i tried to catch it :lol: . i threw slurpies spinners, and jerks at it but it didnt budge! :x , not to worry thos, i caught a turtle :lol:

al fish caught that day: 20 gills, 2 crappie, and 7 bass..reptiles:1 turtle :lol:

sturday-the hollows trip out in the am to do some crappie fishing, started with my usuall jig & twister, then i noticed a small pike looking ffish in the buches, so i casted and caught :D . it was a chain pickerel! That is a first for me! and i caught about 10 of them that day. besides those, i caught around 20 crappies, and 1 basss.

same day pt two-the out after that (my bro had a baseball game) and caught some more crappie, an the same thing, jig and twister. i also caught 3 nice bass, and two more pickerel.

sunday The hollows-got out again with my friend morgan to fish that day, used twisters and jerks again. lol :lol: , caught 1 crappie on twisters, about 17 gills on twisters, nd one pickerel on a twister. then my dad stopped by to fish a while, he and i ended up catching nothing while he was there. :lol: , then when he left, i got another 20 gills and a Nice bass, on a bomber long a. out after school and caught lots of fish!!! :D , fished with night crawlers on the bottom. caught about 15 bass, and 40 bluegills, 3 of wich were about 8 inches :shock: . then later on i decided to throw around a rapala. had a northern come up and miss it on the strike, tried to figure eight but he was long gone :cry:

hope you enjoyed :lol:
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