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perch Saturday

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Can't make the WCF outing on Saturday afternoon. :(

But i might hit either Navy Pier, 63rd St. or Planetarium from ~4-8am.
Wind forecast is my compass as well as access.

Gotta be home by 930am to clean fish and head out with the kids to their event.

Anyone thinking of heading out for a few hours early?
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As of now, I don't have to work, so I'd be willing to get some sunrise action from the big pond. I'll send you a PM...
Drive onto the pier, the road curves going past the main entrance on your right.
Turn right onto the North side of the pier and the garage is on the right.


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Marine forecast calls for 14 foot waves tomorrow and gale force winds. Shore fishing might be messed up for a few days.
I'm gonna watch the winds.

It might get too stirred up for a decent bite.

Monday back to the 40's....

Always next weekend.
perch bite will be iffy.
i'm more concerned about Chicago + snow + 4am conditions.

I'm passing on tomorrow.

No snow- i'd go.
But the roads will suk until the plows are fully operating...

I-55 can be iffy, but the Ryan is always bad..


Perch can wait, maybe i'll watch for Sunday or next weekend..
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