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Perch @ the lakefront

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Looks like rain all weekend but sporadic.

Thinking of a few spots for perch this weekend.
Sunday might be better than Saturday morning.

I know Waukegan and farther up have had reports from shore but thats a 2hr drive... :?

Rather stay south and be home by early morning.

Anyone else getting out??
Navy Pier, 95th or 63rd street??

Tentative plan is to hit 63rd street Sunday morning.
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hey i dont want to be negative but dont waiste the 4 dollar a gallon gas on that non sense they are catching basically nothing there and there are so many people and it gets crowded youll probably be leaving at 9:30 or 10:00 because of all the peole.
I'm usually leaving by 9 since I like to be casting before sunup.
I can get in 4-5 hours before many even get up.


Had planned to take the boat down to the Ozarks this weekend.
But the lakes are still pretty flooded due to the rain.
Gas price didn't keep me from my fishing travels.

Thats just the price of fun and leisure. :D
Limited time this weekend caused me to narrow my fishing to the shoreline.

I double checked that link!
That is a mess of perch WashHusky!
You need ballast some time??
Maybe a weeknight after work?


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I just filled up my explore today $82 regular. By the end of the weekend another $82. Do the math and it comes out to be $656 a month and with a boat your looking at close to $800 -$900 a month and your telling that ant gonna hurt BS.
I just filled up my explore today $82 regular. By the end of the weekend another $82. Do the math and it comes out to be $656 a month and with a boat your looking at close to $800 -$900 a month in gas (boat/truck)and your telling me that ant gonna hurt BS. Thats almost a mortage payment.

PS. my income is 60K a year.
Guy thats some bill for monthly driving.

I drive a Tahoe and its more than $82 to fill her.
But my gas bill for comuting is 1/2 that of yours.

Paying that much to drive to work hurts regardless.

Gas in the boat is an expense I quickly forget about like a trip to Vegas.

I bet my boat is probably smaller but
I can't fish and worry what I paid for the gas in the tank.

That adds worry though I go fishing to decompress and NOT worry.

I found myself only filling up half, but then later in the week I'm stopping again.

With your comute-You have my sympathy for filling the tank.

At lunch I went fishing with the truck running near fumes.
After work I drive home and look for cheap gas-while on fumes.

I found some for 3.98 on the way home!

Woo Hoo
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My commute to work is not to bad about a half hour. Schaumburg to Des Plaines by ohare. I can last a week on a full tank. Its just the fishing trips on the weekends that are killing me.

If you wanna play you got to pay.
washhusky101 said:
Wow, for a guy that has no Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, " I have a better chance at hitting the lottery before that happens :lol:" Lives at home and apperently makes 60k a year and fishes anytime he wants including blowing off days at work and you sit here and complain how gas prices are hurting :shock: Thats funny dude. The original post on this page was not just about gas prices. This poster does not believe its worth it going up there and believes nothing is going on up there. I guess he is 15 I TOTALLY can understand it from his point of view as i think about it but it seems like you came on just to stirr the pot with me with your post. What's the matter Business man you cant let the ice fishing drama go. Most of us haved moved on.If only the whole internet fishing world knew what happen this past winter it would have made for one interesting read. Its no secret i dont see eye to eye with you so do me a favor and dont start smack with me. Do you see me posting behind you????? Hey 15 dude if i have offended you i am sorry and if you want to go to Waukegan for Perch and take your father i have no problem taking you guys with me and or my friends when possible.
You started all the drama on the ice. Just becasue I went ice fishing with someone else you get all pissed off. Everyone was right about you its your way or high way. No wonder you were looking for new people to fish with.

The bachelor life is great!
this funny we gotta pull some borat up u guys need to all chill out and i can see why washhusky is getting mad because fishing isnt a matter of money its a mtter of relieving youre recent bull crap but on the other hand fishing is relative to how much money you have in youre pocket. Hey washhusky nice perch we got a 15 incher outta lake michigan last year and my uncle has a boat so we usually get out there but this year his wife is pregnant and hes gotta be home with mama soon to be ight good fishing all you guys

Guys - please keep the personal personal stuff in PM's only and not on the boards.

After all this I worked in the yard and did not fish!
Make it worse I heard the fish were practically jumping in the boats on the Wolf near Winneconne & Fremont!

Instead I put in both vegetable gardens and worked on the boat installing a new bank charger.

Now I'm ready for this weekend.

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