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Rollcast said:
Drop shot but have the bottom hook ~15 inches up from the weight.
(12 inches between each hook).
That way gobies are not a problem.

Also don't use too heavy of a weight.

You want to be able to hop the rig, and a heavy weight will snag the weeds.

I use 3/8 oz, and its just heavy enough to hit bottom and remove slack from the rig.

if the wind picks up go to a little heavier weight.

I've seen guys tossing 1oz weights for their drop shot rigs.
The water is <20' deep, probably closer to 12 or 15 so you don't need lots of weight.

Cast out, reel to remove slack, then raise the rod tip to tighten the line.
Hold the rod at about 2 o'clock with the line tight.
Pop the rod tip to move the rig, then reel and raise the rod tip to tighten the line.

Any bump felt, reel and set the hook.

You can also lower the rod tip, then raise it back up without moving the weight..
That makes the minnow undulate up & down.

I've tried hooking the minnow by the fin, head and tail.
Many say the tail, but my best results is through the lips.

Wish I cold go back Sunday..

Closed in July for Adults, anyone over 16yrs old..
At Montrose try the wall extending out by the harbor exit.
You'll need to be there before 5am to get a spot.
Parking is FREE!

What do you use with the drop shot? Minnow?
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