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I liked the look of the overcast action this morning so I decided to head out to montrose around 11:30. Fortunately I didn't get hit by a car this time... so thing's started off well at least!

Caught 4 perch in about an hour. I could have kept 1, maybe 2 of them but since the action wasn't fast and hot I decided I'd just catch and release today.

Naturally I caught a dozen or so gobies.

Here's the valuable info. I was fishing raw shrimp on normal crappie rigs. All my perch came on the top hook. Which surprised me. I also fished little tube jigs for a while and just got gobies. Guys with shad raps weren't doing so well, which also surprised me. I was on par if not slightly better than the fellas using minnows, although the 1 or 2 jumbos I did see caught were on minnows.

So all in all, got a couple of mid day perch, which I'm happy with. It was nice to get my first june perch in as well. Last ones I'd caught were in march I believe.

End of the week might be better with the wind switch.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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