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I decided to go out and do some fishing so i gave angel a call.And in thirty minutes we were out. We only fished alittle while because we needed to get back for the bears game. Angel unfortunently had no luck.

I ended up with two Blue gill and another green sunfish which fell off when I tried to lift him up.

Here's some pictures of are outing.

Temp: 41

Sky: Partly Cloudy

Wind: SSE 15 mph

Water: Clear

Water Temp: 38

Water vis.: 1/2 ft.

Rod: 6'0 Berkley Lightning stick Med/light

Reel: Rapala Size 20

Line: 4 lb Trilene Sensation

Lure: 1/62oz white nail tail

Technique: Let current take down stream and brought jig slowly up through weeds. Bites were very lite, If I was able to down size my presentaion would of pulled in a lot more fish. But was a last minute thing today.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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