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Made Plans with Shane Last night to hit a Local Body of Water for some large mouth bass. I knew going in the bass were going to be lethargic, and we Probably wouldn't be able to manage one. Well, Turns out I was right. Going in I had my confidence high and believed I'd pull one in, but no luck. I Was Finesse Fishing 2"-3 1/2" Straight tail worms. What success I did have came Drop Shotting a 3 1/2 " Slider in Black But they Were Pan fish bites. So as The Large mouth bite obviously wasn't happening I made a switch to a 1/32 oz Lead Head jig with a White YUM Tube For pan fish. From There I landed 18 Pan fish (Bluegill and Pumpkin Seed) and One White Crappie. Unfortunately for my Buddy Shane He got the Skunk, Pretty much using the same tactics and Same Presentations. He'll nail them next time out.

We were Fishing On shore about 4 Feet out, I was Fishing what I believed to be a Submerged Tree while Shane Was Fishing about 1 Foot off of it. Most strikes were short bites. But Very aggressive Strikes Came When I "Pounded" the lure using very vigorous jigging movements Fast but short.

Here's Pictures of Our outing. (I'm trying out new Photo Software)


Temperature: 48

Sky: Cloudy/light rain

Wind Range: Moderate (10-20MPH)

Wind Direction: EAST

Weather trends: Stable

Barometer: Lowering

Water temp: 43

Water Color: Slightly Stained

Water Visibility: 2 Feet

Current Conditions: Fast

Bottom Conditions: Rock / debris

* Georges Out Come*


Lost: 0

Released: 18

Fish Health: healthy


Bait/Lure Presentation: Slow

Rod Used: Berkley Lightning series 6'0

Reel used: Rapala Size 20

Line used: 6lb Trilene XL

Lure/Hook: 1/32 oz Jig head / White YUM Crappie Tube

Bait used: --

Beverage: ---

Snack: ---

Repellant: ---

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 0

Season Fish: 18

Season Outings: 1


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